How long does it take for my carpet to dry after cleaning? Carpets usually dry in around 4 hours.

How long does it take for my tile floor to dry after cleaning?  The surface of the tile will take under 10 minutes to dry. The grout lines will take around a half hour to release their moitsure. Grout with cracks can take around an hour to dry.

Should I vacuum before the scheduled cleaning? We pre-vacuum all areas to be cleaned with a commercial vacuum.  However the more vacuuming the better if you want to vacuum before we arrive. The more dry soil that is removed before cleaning the better. 

What furniture do you move?  In a typical bedroom the dressers and bed would be left in place and cleaned around. In a typical living room sofas, love seats, recliners, ottomans, and end tables can all be moved.  Typically when moving theses items we would move the item forward from its original position, clean area, move furniture back in to position, and then place plastic tabs or styrofoam blocks under the furniture legs. 

When can we walk on the carpet?  The carpet takes about 4 hours to dry.  We leave shoe covers while it dries for every member in the house. This will help assure no one tracks anything on to your freshly cleaned carpet. 

Do I need to seal the grout after cleaning? Most grout is not sealed upon construction. Grout sealers last between 2-5 years before wearing off.  Any bleach products will strip it off faster. Sealed grout will still get dirty, but will stay about a year ahead of its usual soiling conditions.

Do I need a carpet protector applied to my carpet?  Carpet protectors coat carpet fibers to help prevent fiber scratching and ensure soil resistance. Most carpets come from the factory with some form of protector. These protectants can be removed with traffic and PH cleaners above a 10PH.

What about my pets? Durring the cleaning process there will be a vacuum and solution line run in to your home from the outside cleaning unit, this creates a small gap in the front door.  A door gaurd will be hung on your door to seal this gap which helps in the prevention of your pet slipping outside. All cleaning agents are safe for people and pets. We use these cleaning agents daily so we try to use the safest possible.

Whats the best carpet to buy?  There are three main types of synthetic carpet nylon,  olefin, and polyester.  Nylon is the best fiber of the three.  A Nylon, cut pile, as low of a pile as possible, neutral color, with an 8 pound pad underneath.