Stone, Tile and Grout

Scrubbing your grout with a toothbrush on your hands and knees is a process of the past! Some of our best before and after pictures come from making grout shine. Below are some average steps for ceramic tile cleaning.

1. Pre-vacuum tiled area.

2. Apply step one detergent 

3. Agitate grout lines and tile surface

4. Hot water extract floor with a spinner wand. See our videos for example of spinner tool.

5. Apply step two detergent.

6. Agitate grout lines once more.

7. Hot water extract for the second time.

8. Apply air movers for the tile surface to dry in around ten minutes. The grout may take longer due to its porous nature.

Cleaning rate starts at .50 cents a Square Foot


Area Rugs

Wool and Silk are rug cleaning is a specialty service not mastered until now! These fine fabrics require special chemistry and delicate cleaning processes. Below are some average steps for cleaning.

1. Pre-vacuum area

2. Vibrate remaining soils out in a special method.

3. Apply wool safe detergent

4. Agitate soils to put dirt in to solution.

5. Warm water extract soils and detergent.

6. Groom pile

7. Detail rug fringe

8. Apply air movers for 4-6 hour dry times

Some rugs may require the need to be soaked in a wash pit and will add additional steps.


Carpet Cleaning

Hot water extraction, commonly referred to as steam cleaning, is the number one recommended way to achieve the best cleaning results in your home. Below  are some important steps that are taken.

1. Pre-vacuum carpet and base board edges.

2. Treat carpet with a plant based, soap free detergent 

3. Agitate Carpet with Oscillating scrubber to put soil in to suspension.

4. Hot water extract carpet. Rinses out soils and detergent and extracts them from the carpet.

5. Groom carpet pile 

6. Apply air movers to lower dry times. Typical dry times are 4 hours.

Cleaning rate starting at .40 cents a Square Foot.


Upholstery Cleaning

Body oils build up on our favorite spots of the sofa or our favorite recliner.  Sometimes they are body oils from your pet who think it's their favorite chair.  Either way we have the solution!  Below are average steps of the cleaning process.

1. Place drop cloths under upholstery.

2. Pre-vacuum material

3. Apply neutral PH cleaner to fabric

4. Agitate soils with a grooming brush.

5. Hot water extract the upholstery.

6. Groom fabric pile

7. Apply air movers for 2-4 hour dry times.


Sectional Sofa-$225

Loveseat $95

Chair $50

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